About me….

HELLOOO lucky reader, my name is Alex and I am currently undertaking my year abroad as part of my History and German degree, which I (usually but alas don’t currently) study at the University of Exeter.

I’m spending this year attempting to be an English teaching assistant in a secondary school in the beautiful town of Boppard which in the Bundesland (county) of Rheinland-Pfalz. I had originally wanted to be in Munich (obviously for the history… ok mainly the beer), but clearly my persuasive application which mentioned my interest in German history (lol), was unsuccessful. Nevertheless such is life!

Despite this, luckily Boppard is in the wine centre of Germany (who knew?!), and, I mean, this is Germany so obviously there is also plenty of beer to go around, maybe this year won’t be so tragic after all…

As a wise person once said to me (year 8 latin teacher I’m looking at you) “CARPE DIEM”, so thats exactly what I intend to do. Soz for the cheese.

So, I hope you (mainly you mum, and the 3 other friends who will actually be reading this) enjoy keeping up with the ups and (mainly) downs of this year as I BOP through BOPPARD.

*Plays ‘Bop to the Top’ from HSM 1 on repeat*

Alex x

Bop to the top PNG